Sarah Hinds

Young American author. She has written one pony story and also a number of equine magazine articles. She was born in Missouri in 1992. Has ridden since she was four years old and currently shows a pinto Saddlebred gelding.

There is a website devoted to the book where you can also read the first chapter.

Pony Books:

SUMMARY: Amanda Ryan lives to be with horses. She has taken lessons from her beloved riding instructor Kate Brown at Lakeview Stables, an American Saddlebred farm in Missouri, for as long as she can remember. Amanda can't imagine a life without riding and showing. When she receives a special horse, Storm, she is full of anticipation and excitement for what the future may hold. But when Amanda learns that Storm's true identity is uncertain and that his history is possibly marked by criminal dealings, her world is turned upside down.

Collector's Info:
Paperback first edition. Easy to find in the USA both new and second-hand. It is still in print. For UK collectors, it can be ordered new from America through Amazon UK.